Countries offering citizenship

There are nations in the world which are competing for more residents – and their cash – all of them seeking to encourage foreign nationals to establish residency. There are benefits when you establish residency,these including the ability to bank and conduct business in that nation,as well as to obtain health treatment there.

Another reason for moving your life is that the cost of living is lower in some countries and,depending on what you want,the weather may be more your cup of tea. However,if you want a really low cost of living,you will have to move to a developing nation. As this can create its own problems,many people are more interested in first or second-world country with a better,modern infrastructure and a mostly stable political system.

While residency is easy to get in many country’s,including the developed countries in the list below,getting citizenship is more difficult. But it is not impossible. You do have to be careful though,as setting up permanent residency or becoming a citizen of another country,may subject you to the taxes of your new {nation

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