The Benefits of Copyright Registration

When it comes to the business world, there is arguably no area more contentious, and with more potential liability, than the field of intellectual property and copyright. It is also one of the most important because intellectual property is one of the very foundations of many types of businesses. If nothing, intellectual property certainly forms a large part of their products & services, and their economic contributions. Copyright and intellectual property are also one of the many reasons that businesses retain expert copyright lawyers such as Lloyd & Mousilli.

The music industry revolves around the sale & licensing of copyrighted music. The movie industry is all about a film company, and the actors featured, profiting from moviegoers attending cinemas. And in the art world, while sales are often private transactions between only a seller and a buyer, one cannot overlook the attribution of a creative work to its rightful owner – especially a work by a well-known artist.

Outside of those industries, when a business expects a creative work to be at the forefront of its products or services, or otherwise one of its most important marketing tools, Proper action is a must to ensure that they can profit from that creative work perpetually, and that they can confidently use the protection from theft and stolen revenue – protection that is afforded to them by government bodies and laws.

If someone were to accuse you of stealing their work, that would constitute a copyright infringement claim, and you will have to have a lawyer with you in the courts to make a strong case. With the right foundations in place for registering your creative work with the U.S. Copyright Office, even if a lawsuit could potentially go sideways (such as Led Zeppelin and “Stairway to Heaven”), you’ll be much better off than if you were to overlook the very step of copyright registration.

Copyright legal issues span local, national and international boundaries, as creative works with enough potential and profitability often end up used in international commerce. They apply just as much to the physical world as they do to creative works published on the internet – With copyright and its enforcement especially being a hot topic on YouTube, where videos are shared & viewed freely.

Your Copyright Application Reviewed Ahead Of Time

To begin the process of protecting your copyrighted work, plan for registration with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Licensed lawyers will file your copyright application on your behalf. Once you file the application online, the entire process of registration can take anywhere from 1-9 months, but most often 3-4 months. Even though an application is pending, the registration symbol may not be used before the mark has been registered. 

Generally, when a copyright registration is cancelled, it is often because the Copyright Office determines that the work submitted is not copyrightable – either because it is not a sufficiently original creative work, or because it is not subject to copyright.

An Attorney Or Law Firm

The lawyer or law firm you are contacting is not required to, and may choose not to, accept you as a client. The firm pledges to provide effective legal services promptly and efficiently, while always maintaining the highest ethical standards and professional integrity. When you need a lawyer who will give you practical advice for your intellectual property challenges, you need look no further than Copyright Lawyer Houston.

A Dedicated Texas Copyright Lawyer

Whether your copyright & IP case is contested or simple, they will help you achieve the results that you want. When your work is stolen or copied, you have the legal right to take action, and a trusted copyright lawyer will bring into court the legal knowledge necessary for you to win. A case can be made for copyright infringement solely on the grounds of “substantial similarity.” The definition of substantial similarity in any one case can be very subjective and individualistic. That’s why when a lawsuit is coming your way, you have to bring solid evidence of the originality of your work.

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