Trending Hair Colors for 2021

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Whether you’re searching for the best hair colors or curious to see which color is on the rise, you’ve come to the right place. Even if it’s already 2021, it’s not too late to join the trend.

Scroll on for the 2021 hair color trends that you’ll surely love. You’ll be wanting to go to a hair coloring salon right away after seeing these beautiful colors.

1. Add a little warmth to your look with red hair.

The best way to add warmth to your look is to wear a fiery and warm red hair color.  It also creates depth and increases elegance. Red is usually captivating and attention-grabbing, so get ready to turn heads!

There are a lot of shades of reds you can choose from, including auburn, copper red, neon red, rusty red, rogue, and more. And the good thing is – there’s a shade that works for every skin tone. Copper-toned reds are best for those with lighter complexions. For people with a cool skin tone, auburn is ideal. And if you have warm-toned darker skin, a blue-based red tone is the way to go.

Red hair color, however, tends to fade faster than other colors. To keep it from fading and prolong its radiance, ask your hair coloring salon specialist about what treatment to get or products to use.

2. Have more fun with blonde hair.

Just like red, blonde comes in different shades, from buttercream blonde and rooty blonde to blonde balayage and bright blonde. And if you’re ready to take your hair to the next level, platinum blonde will be your best friend.

With so many possible choices and ways to rock platinum blonde, you can find your perfect match. If you’re up for a glowing hairstyle in 2021, honey platinum blonde is your best option. And for people with cooler and fairer skin tones, pearly platinum hair will make you the center of attention. But of course, if you’re confident that you can pull off this look regardless of your skin tone, just go for it!

3. Never go out of style with jet black hair.

Alluring, classic, and sophisticated – what more could you ask for? Jet black is timeless! This hair color is basic, but it is always on-trend.

If you have curls, jet black will certainly make your hair shine and stand out. It gives a lot of texture and volume. You can even complete your look with a blue eye shadow to make your look more astonishing and glamorous. Or if you have long hair, you can go for jet black hair with highlights to add depth and amplify your beautiful shade.

This hair color, however, requires a lot of maintenance and commitment. So, take time to think things over before trying this trend.


If you’re making a drastic color change, it’s best to consider leaving this in the hands of a hair coloring salon specialist to help ensure the result is something you’ll be satisfied with. And of course, be sure to do your homework first by checking out available hair coloring services in Tampines that meet your needs and budget.

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