people love to wear eyeglasses for a reason. it can add fashion and beauty in everyday wear. but people tend to forget about maintaining it and protecting it for long term use. glasses are fragile and easily break. it also can give blurry vision with out swiping it every now and then. swiping it with a clean cloth and putting something like alcohol on it could prove to be very effective in getting the dirt away. oils can also be present in the glasses and it could be in the way of a great vision. but it’s a problem that has a very easy solution. wiping it with a clean cloth should do the trick.

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most glasses are fragile. even though the technology is constantly improving but they are still fragile. it’s because glasses tend to be lightweight for easy use for the wearer. protecting the eye glasses can improve the vision and can help save a lot of money. it would be a waste to just ruin a beautiful eye glasses especially if it’s very expensive just because of the one mistake. putting a designated area near the bed is a great idea to put it safe. there’s a lot of situation where people just lose their glasses and the time trying to find it could be long. it’s one of the many frustrating thing to do in life.

it helps a lot of developing a habit of putting it in the area that it’s supposed to be to get away from the risk of losing it. it’s something that could be done very easily with a little bit of doing it over and over again. protecting eye glasses also means being careful. a fall or an unpack found break it. wearing it while jogging or using it outdoors can be an easy way to lose it and break it. there is a great chance of falling when it is used when during an exercise especially a walk or a jog outside. there are also many protective fluids that could help in removing the dirt and oils to keep it protected especially for eye glasses. eye glasses that are maintained well and cared for can last a lifetime. there is no reason to keep buying am expensive eye glasses over and over again just because of breaking and losing it.

Eye Glass vs Surgery which is better

it’s always worth while to try to take care of it and make it last long so that there would not be a lot of head ache in purchasing it again and going through the process that could take time. taking care of an eye glasse and protecting it just needs to have a good habit in cleaning it when it’s dirty and being mindful in wearing it and where it is put at the end of the day. it’s just a simple step towards having to save a lot of head ache from a broken eyeglasses or a missibg one.

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London is such a nice place to visit all year around. It has lots of beautiful sceneries to take pictures on and create memories. Go in to London with your family is the best especially during significant events in London. You can join everyone excitement and witness their culture. It is a big city with lots of attractions. Tourists love to spend a quality time there specially on holiday.

One of the things you don’t want to miss is riding the bus. As you ride the bus you’ll get to see lots of cool places in the city and you just fall in love with it. You may heard the London eye a lot of times but not sure if it’s worth visiting for. But I guess you should try it yourself and ride the 360 degree views.

You can also check out the London dungeon located on London south bank, you will enjoy and learn as you recreate London scary history. I know you won’t regret it. You also want to hop in the British museum that has some of the world’s immense collection. Many travellers never miss to take a lot of pictures in the museum.

You also want to witness Queen Elizabeth palace or the so called Buckingham palace. It is your time to feel that you are now in a fantasy – real world.

Actually besides in all of that, London also has a lot of good restaurants to offer serving different cuisines around the world that you will surely love. They have a nice park, clean and green. You don’t want to miss out to shop on different signatures brands that are known all over the world and even take a picture of a celebrity like Gordon Ramsay. A visit to London just feels like paradise, the place has everything from great foods to white beaches.

You don’t want to compare the street foods of London to others as they are so good with a cheaper price. You will enjoy the of night strolling around the city. Enjoying amazing lights and star gazing. Going to London especially on holiday is the best. The cities really prepared for it and have lots of places to go for during night.

if you are a party people don’t worry. London got you covered. London has a lot of pubs you can check. Enjoy amazing drinks and dances. You will meet lots of good people there and make new friends. London is just a nice city to include in our bucket list.

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There are a lot of easy ways to protect someone’s finances. it does not have to be hard and complicated and all people can do it with a little bit of patience and determination. the living cost it’s what is the biggest contribution to ruining finances. Sometimes emotions can take over and you can lose important things in life. Buying things that you can’t really afford is a big mistake. it’s one of the worst case scenario for your finances. it’s not wrong to love a simple and uncomplicated life. a lot of people just want to make their lives more complicated in living in an area that cost too much or buying things that are not really necessary.

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but it is what most people do that’s why it became the norm. but when setting goals of having a financial freedom at the end of the day then that kind of activity mush go. along the way there is going to be struggles and temptations. but not growing out from it can easy make someone fall hard in life when she or he does not have any money anymore. getting rid of the bad habits and getting more comfortable in a simpler life is what needs to be done. there are no harm in being smart about money and avoiding things that are just going to add a lot of head ache at the end. credit is also one of the biggest problems that a lot of people struggle with.

some people just can’t control their credit and end up accumulating over time. it’s a heavy burden to have a lot of credit in life and it’s one of the best way to have a hard time in the future. but falling to the trap of using a credit card too much and ending up with so much interest is a very scary thing. but people does not seem to mind it. every cent counts when it comes to the habit of saving money. it’s a person’s job to have a healthier habit and not fall in to the trap where a lot of people struggle. its just hard to fall more and more deeply when it comes to credit interest.

the more that it gets bigger the less chance it would get smaller. the bank wants people to accumulate credit so they can make money. the less credit the less cost of living. taking the small steps in getting over the financial ruin is a very important thing. it’s what needs to happen in a lot of people life. also having a back up plan like retirement is also a great way to save money. it can be in a form of insurance or a saving. it’s just good to not have too much worry about the future. the future is very unpredictable and a lot can happen if someone is not careful. it’s just a nice thing to add small amount of money constantly that can accumulate over time.

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there is definitely a way to make dating more pleasurable. the more predictable a date is sometimes the more that it can get full. but there is definitely a lot of things that could be done in order to be able to get more out of it. the goals are definitely needed to be change when there is not a lot of success that are happening in a relationship. most of the time when things are too much the same or its just getting old. it makes sense to try to change and make the best out of the situation. when a person does grow older he does not want to okay games anymore. as younger people does when it comes to dating. there are definitely a lot of kind games that are happening especially when it comes to the ladies. but at the end of the day it’s not worth it at all.

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it would really make a great difference to be more open about the idea of just being straight and not playing anymore games. the problems with dating nowadays is because there are a lot of bad reason why a person is dating someone. she might be chasing something or might be just there to fill the void in her life. it’s not really wise to try to be in that kind of world. that kind of stress can easily take away a lot of people’s happiness and at the end of the day it would definitely ruin a lot of people’s chance to have pleasure in a date. dates should be fun and pleasurable. but sometimes it is only good at the start and when it comes down to it goes downhill from that. that kind of work is really not going to work out that much. it’s definitely a lot of struggle for a lot of people to make progress in there loves because they spend too much being the victim of a traps in dating. getting away from all that kind of stress could really help.

at the end of the day what matters is to be happy and feeling great about life. it’s a struggle to be a victim of dating. and most of the time the highs of a relationship from the start is not worth it when it does all come crashing down. the failures and mistrust in a relationship could definitely make it less pleasurable. what would be great is to find a better way to keep it more entertaining just by doing a better job when it comes to relationships. love can make a person go to a whole new level in life. even though it can be disappointing and frustrating sometimes. what’s best is to keep on doing a better job at thinking about better goals. goals that would end up settling down with someone can make it more fun and easy. instead of having to chase someone even though she might not be the one.

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there are a lot of feelings if intimidation and worry when it comes to dating aloha female. it might just mean that a guy has to be aware of where his place would be or the fact that she wants to be in control. not all people can handle dating an alpha female. but when a guy gets used to it then it would just be a blast. there is a lot going on when it comes to an aloha female. it means that most of the time she might want to be in charge. and that might be scary for a lot of men because it’s typical that men is always going to be the person that would be in charge. but that is not the case with an alpha female. one must try to find a way to communicate better with her and just accept the facts that she wants to be in control most of the time even in dates.

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it might mean that she is totally focused on career and is very passionate about it. that just means more work and more time that is needed to get used to it. the worst mistake that a guy can do in dating an alpha female is try to change her. it’s one of the common reaction that men does when it comes to a girl that would want to take control. it matters a lot to her to find a guy who does not judge her and want to change her. it can be very annoying to be with a guy that wants her change. there is so much that could happen in dating a guy that wants to have a different thing. she might also want to take the lead when it comes to the bedroom and for most guys that really is not bad. it’s what typically what men wants to have and an alpha woman offers that kind of love.

it’s really nice to discover the wild side of a woman and dating an alpha female can open up that kind of idea. it’s really a great way to find happiness in life. it would help to be supportive for her and what she wants to do instead of just trying to change her. she already might be sick of people who is trying to change her all of the time. it just makes a lot of sense to be the guy who wants to support her and keep her happy beside being a person who does not care a lot about her. it makes a lot of sense to try to keep a woman just like her be in control. it might not be what people are used of. but if she is happy that way then there is no reason for a guy to change it. it’s one of the good ways to keep a healthy relationship with an alpha female. it just makes sense to keep someone like her be happy.

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Alabama Debt Relief Help is a business which strives to help people in deep debt. They even have some different products they can sell to those who need it. However,it is best to research before you decide on their services. Many times,you will not be able to get the best product that will suit your needs. It’s important that you take the time to check into this before deciding on a particular service provider. It’s also important to compare what they have to offer with what you already have. If you are already in debt,you may want to consider using one of their programs to eliminate the amount you owe to creditors.

Get Free Credit Counseling Today!

Debt consolidation services are a great option for people who need a way to clear up all of their debts and get back on their feet. The biggest problem with consolidating your debt is that your interest rates will be higher. However,if you find that you owe more than you can handle,it may be a good idea to look at this method to clear up your bills. There are many people out there who can’t clear off their debts on their own.

Get Debt Relief Counseling Today!

When you choose to useAlabama Debt Relief Help you should look at all of their options so you can choose the one that will work best for you. This way,you can make the most of your financial situation and be able to start over financially. Remember,you don’t always have to go with the first company you find. Instead,find a reputable company that will provide you with the type of help you need and deserve.

Get out of credit card debt fast and easy!

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Nowadays, finding time to visit a physical store in order to shop is difficult. Sometimes it is hard to get to the store to make the purchases you need to make. This is when Internet shopping can be a lifesaver. These paragraphs give you access to advice for your next online shopping foray.

Whenever you shop online, be sure to make good use of discount coupon codes. Many stores offer discounts, but you have to search for them. Just type down what the store is named along with the word coupon and see what you find. This is a good way to save on online purchases.

An updated antivirus program is crucial to have when shopping online. There are many rogue websites out there lurking to grab online shoppers. There are even those that are simply looking to infect computers with viruses. Even if you think a retailer is reputable, you should still take precautions.

Take your time browsing through multiple online stores in order to compare their products. It pays to comparison shop different products and brands unless you are determined to get a particular one. Choose one that has all your desired features, but compare price points as well. As new items are added frequently, check back to your favorite retailers often. Make sure to sign up to their newsletter. Recently, we signed up to a number of newsletters including Maci, Asoz, Ryder Wear & Amazon and got some amazing discounts

Always read product information completely before you make a purchase. Just seeing a picture of something on the Internet can deceive you. The photo may make the product seem smaller or larger than it actually is. Be sure to read descriptions to know what you’re getting.

The Internet presents you with shopping opportunities that are simply too good to miss. Low pricing and even shipping for free is available to you. Make use of these excellent tips, and you can enjoy an incredible online-shopping experience and save a lot of money.

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There are a lot of places to date as usual if you are in a right relationship. If you want to have a great time together, there’s many to choose from. If it is your first time dating your girl, of course, you can pick cheaper or expensive costs. I believe it’s not about expensive things making a woman happy, being creative and giving your effort is more than enough. Even inside the house is perfect at all; you have to think it very well.

Below are some tips on where to date your special lover


Of course the most common dating place is a restaurant. Its everyone’s choice specially on first date, bringing their girl into an expensive and classy one to impress. We all want to make our girl happy and taste the first class restaurant of the town.

Beach date

How about something less stressful? We all know that the sounds of the waves are so relaxing and peaceful. It makes you feel good and better. Lying down in the sand while watching the sunset also one of the most romantic dates. You can also have a quick snack in the afternoon and feel the cool breeze of the sea. When you are in beach, you can also spend time together by swimming and have a good time.

In the mountains

Dating in mountains is one of the coolest things at all. Going into a camp and ready the foods by the two of you. It’s just so peaceful and so romantic at night. Feeling the warm of each other in the cold night. Night camp makes you spend time together, cook together and know each other well.

Roadtrip date

Roadtrip date is not new anymore. We’ve seen it many in movies and of cause it happened in real life. Its so fun and so romantic at all. Having few beers and talking about life. When you are in the road, it’s just two of you, watching the stars together and just be happy. Its just romantic to think being in a roadtrip with someone you love.


They say nothing feels like more comfortable at home. You can invite your girl spending time with you at home. But before she came you can add up some surprises for her by decorating and arranging things on her. Whats more important is you are able to cook good food for her. Giving your effort makes your girl feel special. It just feel so good to any women whom invited at home and feels like been there for many years now. Besides, respect her at all costs.

There is no perfect place in dates, because cheap or expensive as long as you love each other is okay at all. Being with your special someone is more than enough and its still feel paradise. Whats important is that you are giving your all and making each other happy. Love will always make a way.

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The goal of MSRB is to collect info on price openness and it seeks input from different parties. The goal of the board is to develop and update guidelines and to ensure that municipal bodies act in compliance with them. MRSB preserves a database to use trustworthy, Securities Exchange Commissionure, useful, and timely info. It also responds to ask for public info that has not been published to the SEC Web site. The Office of Records Management Provider handles policies, procedures, records schedules, and systems that enable the company to fulfill federal statutory and regulative requirements (company cobalt sports). This includes recognizing, producing, authenticating, and managing active SEC records, in addition to disposing of inactive records.

The Office of Security Services is responsible for operations related to the security, safety, and emergency management of all SEC facilities and personnel. Office of the General Counsel assumes overall duty for the establishment of firm policy on legal matters. The General Counsel serves as the primary legal consultant to the SEC chairman relating to all legal matters and services performed within, or including, the commission, and supplies legal suggestions to the commissioners, the departments, the offices, and other SEC components.

The Workplace runs the Electronic Data Gathering Analysis and Retrieval (EDGAR) system, which electronically gets, processes, and shares more than 500,000 monetary declarations every year. Workplace of Investor Education and Advocacy services private financiers by making sure that their issues and concerns are known throughout the SEC and considered the first priority whenever the agency does something about it.

This is the duty of the Workplace of Policy, which plays a leading function in the commission’s efforts to guarantee that investor disclosures are written in plain English, as well as the SEC’s technology efforts such as supplying significantly more financier info in “interactive data” format. Duty for acting on financier ideas, complaints and tips.

Securities And Exchange Commission – Sec, Definition

Performing the SEC’s investor education program, that includes producing and dispersing instructional products, getting involved in instructional seminars and investor-oriented occasions, and partnering with federal companies, state regulators, customer groups, market associations, and others on monetary literacy initiatives. With the impending retirement of some 76 million Child Boomers, among the main focuses of these educational efforts is the prevention of scams versus elders.

The Office of the Chief Accountant assists the commission in performing its duty under the securities laws to develop accounting concepts and for overseeing the economic sector standards-setting process. The workplace works carefully with the Financial Accounting Standards Board, to which the SEC has actually entrusted authority for setting accounting requirements, as well as the International Accounting Standards Board and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants – loans athletes sports.

Office of International Affairs promotes cooperation among nationwide securities regulative firms and encourages the maintenance of high regulatory requirements worldwide (creek family offices). The office helps the chairman and the commission in the advancement and implementation of the SEC’s global regulatory and enforcement efforts. The office works out bilateral and multilateral contracts for commission approval on such subjects as regulative cooperation and enforcement assistance and oversees the execution of such arrangements.

The office carries out a technical help program for countries with emerging securities markets that includes training both in the United States and in the requesting nation. More than 100 nations presently take part in this program. Workplace of Administrative Law Judges consists of independent judicial officers who conduct hearings and rule on claims of securities law infractions in cases initiated by the commission.

Sec — Securities And Exchange Commission

The ALJ then carries out a public hearing that resembles a non-jury trial in the federal courts. Simply as a federal judge can do, an ALJ issues subpoenas, guidelines on motions, and guidelines on the admissibility of evidence. At the conclusion of the hearing, the parties submit proposed findings of truth and conclusions of law.Tysdal Securities and Exchange Commission

Parties might appeal a preliminary decision to the commission, which can affirm, reverse, customize, reserved, or remand for additional proceedings. Appeals from commission action are sent to a United States Court of Appeals (partner robert hirsch). Office of Equal Work Chance works to make sure that members of the company’s professional personnel come from varied backgrounds that show the variety of the investing public.

The EEO director reports to the chairman. The primary mission of the EEO Office is to prevent work discrimination, including discriminatory harassment, so that all SEC employees have the working environment to support them in their efforts to protect investors, preserve healthy markets, and promote capital formation. Office of the Inspector General carries out internal audits and investigations of SEC programs and operations – members limited partners.

The Workplace of Public Affairs collaborates the agency’s relations with the media and the general public. The workplace also helps in the enforcement of the commission’s policy worrying the confidentiality of police and investigative info, which is created to safeguard the personal privacy rights of American people (retired quarterback carson). The workplace reviews and distributes within the firm press protection of the SEC and of commission-related concerns, including the securities industry and the monetary markets.

The Securities And Exchange Commission: Overview

The Office of Legal and Intergovernmental Affairs acts as the SEC’s official intermediary with Congress, other Executive Branch agencies, and state and city governments. The staff monitors continuous legislative activities and efforts on Capitol Hill that affect the commission and its objective. Through routine communication and consultation with Home and Senate members and staff, the workplace interacts legislators’ objectives to the agency and communicates the SEC’s own regulative and management initiatives to Congress.Tyler Tivis Tysdal Securities and Exchange Commission

Tyler T Tysdal is an entrepreneur and Denver business man formerly of TitleCard Capital. Tyler Tysdal, a successful businessman is teaching crucial company tricks to business owners to help them prosper at an early age. Tyler along with his company partner, Robert Hirsch is sharing crucial pieces of understanding with young entrepreneurs to help them meet their dreams. At Freedom Factory, the seasoned service broker and financial investment professional, is likewise assisting business owners in selling their services at the ideal value.

In addition, the workplace keeps an eye on legislative and oversight hearings that refer to the securities markets and the protection of financiers. The SEC FY 2012 Budget Reason (pdf) reported that the agency was establishing 5 brand-new workplaces by requirement of the Dodd-Frank Act: Workplace of Credit Scores; Workplace of the Investor Advocate; Workplace of Minority and Women Addition; Office of Municipal Securities; and Office of Whistleblower Protection (to be a department within the Department of Enforcement).

Tyler T. Tysdal Overview of the SEC Summer What is the

Existing departments were designated to handle the brand-new workload and funds were diverted from market oversight and enforcement operations to pay for it. Enforcement Statistics (pdf).Tyler Tysdal Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a federal firm that controls the U – theft tens millions.S. stock exchange. Thanks to the actions of the SEC, the federal government has actually significantly decreased the possibility of the U.S. experiencing another Great Depression. Congress developed the SEC in 1934 to bring back the general public’s self-confidence in monetary markets after the 1929 stock exchange crash.

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Long before the discovery of the dreaded coronavirus, the health and fitness industry is already required to install a kind of software that will enable patrons to schedule and pay their dues effortlessly. In fact, gym management software or GMS is now regarded as an essential tool for health clubs and fitness gyms as it serves as a core stabilizer in improving the entire scenario within the facility.

But since most of the states in the country are observing strict lockdown policies due to the ongoing health crisis, what is the role of this software in maintaining the sustainability of the gym business? And more so, how will this tool continue its usefulness at a time when the public is highly advised to stay in their homes as much as possible?

Read more as we are going to cite some answers why a gym payment software is still crucial this COVID-19 pandemic.

Let’s dive in

It Lets You Continue Doing Business Despite The Tight Budget

The first thing that you have to take into consideration is that the gym payment software monitors all the accounts and payments of every client on a daily basis. And this is extremely helpful, especially when most of the gyms (and other businesses in general) are running on a tight budget. In spite of the uncertainty going around, you want to make sure that the payments of the members are updated so you will where you stand financially.

Of course, some of your clients may opt to cancel their membership for the time being. That’s why it’s all the more important to have this tool at your disposal so you can determine which classes you are going to offer and which ones are you going to close until the situation goes back to normal.

Going Digital

Having a gym management tool can also enable you to continue offering fitness classes and workout sessions to your members without necessarily requiring them to spend time at your facility. And how will you be able to do that? By using the internet to offer online classes over the internet. Surely enough, your members would be itching to stay fit and will do whatever they can to maintain their workout regimen even while staying at home.

It Allows Clients To Pay Their Dues Without Actually Going To The Gym

And since you’re now offering classes online to sustain your business, then you’ll also have to bill your members through their gym accounts. This is where the usefulness of gym management also comes in as they can pay their monthly fees at the comforts of their own home whether day or night. Now this will be a win-win situation to both your clients and your business since you allow the members to pay their fees while maintaining social distancing for the safety of your patrons and employees.

All in all, these are the reasons to consider why a gym payment software is still a crucial tool to be used at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The debt settlement program is one of the most accepted programs by the United States government and the government is supporting it in helping the people in getting out of the bad financial situation. With the support of the government,many people have already benefited from this program. There are many debt relief firms in the market that are offering legitimate and legal help to the people for getting rid of their unpaid liabilities. You only need to contact such firms and negotiate with them on your behalf. After the negotiation,they will write a letter to your creditor and will ask for a reduction on your unpaid liabilities and will offer you the service of paying some percentage of the payable amount.

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If you think that you will not be able to avail debt settlement by yourself then you should consult any professional who can give you advice. If you are facing problem of not being able to pay the full amount of liabilities,then the professional will help you get out of the trouble. In fact,they will also provide you legal assistance so that you don’t face any problem in future. You will never know how long you will have the liability if you don’t pay the full amount. Therefore,before selecting any firm,you should make sure that the firm is legitimate and is providing genuine help. By choosing the right firm,you can get the maximum benefits for your situation.

Cut Your Debt by at least 40%

Debt settlement program is an excellent program as it is helping the people get rid of their liabilities in a very short period of time. Before selecting a firm,it is important to compare all the firms and select the one who has good experience. You must choose a firm that has good records in the field. When you are making a comparison of different firms,ensure that the firms are providing good and affordable help.Click Here

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W88 – No start-up cost. Gaming systems cost nearly $400, and for just for that hardware. Take into consideration games at $40-60 every single day you have a potentially wallet-busting piece of entertainment. However, many reputable sites host free kids games online that present hours of fun at virtually free. The most you will ever pay is right for a monthly Internet connection and the thought of price of your computer. From that point, you get all the entertainment therefore ever need.

W88: How To Play 80’S Arcade Games For No Extra Charge

There will also high quality titles. Higher than normal quality games are wonderful play while not having to pay. Often these epidermis games have worlds, which inhabit ten’s of thousands of people or far. The result is immense game play which merchandise without knowing see with most games the play the particular computer or gaming console. The other point to remember is always some of these titles have 2 designs. They often have a free version as well as a paid membership version.

The word find is a simple puzzle to modify so to be able to increase the memory strengthening benefit you’ll from the item. You have done a word find before. You know the way it’s participated. First you look at the word list,, and you then find it in the jumble in circle about. Well, instead of just choosing one word from the list, choose two on the five lines. Hold all those words in your short-term memory until you see and circle them all in the jumble.

A involving the time, you will discover that folks the office you improve or obviously any good friend is playing free things games that you just would acquire. Word of mouth is often a great to help spread all over good games that are out many. This way you do not have down the sink your time trying uncover the that which you for example most. You could possibly even obtain the chance perform their version of the to find out you enjoy it.

Perhaps W88 is slowly taking over the world entertainment market, here’s your chance to get started:

Free games let you live a fantasy world, doubts for a few momemts. Sometimes a fantasy world can be a well needed break from reality, when reality gets too dense. It can be great for you to become someone else, and do things that aren’t possible in real life. Games can help activate the imagination, by introducing an imaginary condition. In a way, they’re like reading the sunday paper. But they’re easier than only a book. A totally free game only takes a few minutes, whereas a book may take days to try. A free game is free, but a book costs your money. This isn’t to say free games are compared to books. Really like books. But games are just easier; they’re fast, require minimal effort, and cost nothing.

The first types of internet sites that claim that they can offer free websites to download games actually don’t offer anything free. These websites claim in order to provide you free games but would you direct are situated. What they do is to offer that you few useless downloads are actually outdated.

The reasons why is employing most top games find addicted. And, you may have a difficult time playing a person game. Inadvertently tearing cause you problems at the job so the best thing to do is simply avoid it while currently employed. If you save this for home then you’ll have something to take up your ideal time remote control . to take pleasure in.

Quilting Time – This can be the perfect game for girls and quilting lovers. The item of recreation is to aid grandmother create her umbrella. There is a relaxed mode which you can play without being timed, nevertheless the more competitive levels will time only you must finish the quilt before the timer stops and you lose.

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